How Much Does Video Production Cost?

Creating, processing and editing videos is a comprehensive procedure which requires an intricate eye for detail. It has to be done using professional-grade equipment and modern techniques.

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For such quality to come to the forefront, it becomes pertinent to seek out high-grade video production.

Let’s assess the nuances of video production and the costs associated with the process for those who are entering the industry. This information makes it easier to decide which direction to go in and how viable a solution is for one’s budget and general needs.

History Of Video Production

Before assessing present-day costs, it is best to understand pricing from the past and how it compares to today.

In the 1990s, the price was set at $1500/day (camera package) + $500/day (soundperson) + a plethora of other services (i.e. editing, lighting, etc.,) which came out to be an additional $10000-15000.

The costs have not altered as much as one would think. They are in the same ballpark.

Pricing Experience

A college student will only charge a few hundred dollars while a Hollywood professional might start talking about a six-figure contract. It is important to assess experience and notice the value being received.

Most college students will do everything for $1000. Is that what you covet?

It all comes down to the client and what they are pushing for. The mid-tier solutions will often range in that $20000=$25000 margin. Most clients should be aiming for this when deciding what is best for them and their needs.

Technology Costs

A good present-day example of technology and its costs would be 4K cameras. In fact, slow motion technology has also gained popularity and remains expensive.

For those who are hoping to add such technology into the mix, it is going to increase costs. For example, a typical camera package (HD quality) might cost $1000/day, but 4K will push up to $1600/day. These are rough numbers and each company will vary with how it structures the packages.

The purpose of this is to showcase how technology does play a role in pricing. Do take this into account.


An excellent example provided by clients in the past involves aerial shots. The average camera crew will not be able to maximize the equipment to achieve high-grade aerial shots. It is near impossible regardless of their intentions.

For those who use Hollywood as an example, it is often cited how people are paid thousands of dollars for these shots. The same applies to anyone else as well. Video production has to be seen as a collection of specialists coming together under one cloud.

Continuing with the aerial shots, a person that specializes in helicopters or related mounts will charge around $1000/day. This has to be factored in too.

This is just an example of many other specializations being brought in based on your budget (i.e. action scenes, underwater).

This information should provide tremendous value to those who are piecing together their crew. A beautiful video can be created for $5000, $10000, or $250000; it is all up to you and how things are coordinated.

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